My Comic Shop History

Season 1

Comic book stories never really end . . . but comic book stores do. Experience the final days of Alternate Realities as host Anthony Desiato speaks to past and present owners, customers, and employees.

Season 2

Out of the ashes of the Alternate Realities Saga, a new story begins! Season 2 of My Comic Shop History explores the world of comic book collecting as host Anthony Desiato seeks an answer to the question: What makes a collector?

Season 3

Alternate Realities may be gone, but there’s a whole world of comic shops out there. Be part of the journey as host Anthony Desiato visits comic book stores across America to talk to the people behind the counter.

Season 4

Host Anthony Desiato puts on his badge for a season-long exploration into the world of comic conventions, with episodes spotlighting the organizers, creators, collectors, cosplayers, and more who bring shows to life.

Season 5

Everything comes full circle in Season 5 as host Anthony Desiato revisits the now-defunct stores that defined Westchester County in the 90s, capturing a microcosm of the comics industry during a pivotal era.

The Homecoming (Miniseries)

In the world of comic book stories, nothing ever really ends, and it turns out the tale of Alternate Realities is no different. Host Anthony Desiato returns to action with the 8-part miniseries “The Homecoming” to chronicle a surprising new chapter in the AR Saga. Note: Due to the pandemic, “The Homecoming” concluded early with the release of Part II. A series of specials tying into the release of My Comic Shop Country aired in its place.

Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey

Premieres in 2021

Host Anthony Desiato takes to the skies with an all-new podcast series premiering in 2021! Digging for Kryptonite: A Superman Fan Journey is an examination of Krypton’s Last Son across time and media, with deep dives into the creative visions, character elements, eras, and individual stories that have shaped the Man of Steel for more than 80 years. Listen to the trailer now, subscribe, and stay tuned for the premiere of Digging for Kryptonite!